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Our Process

Our  process incudes the following steps

  1. Initial consultation: This is an initial meeting or call to understand the student's academic background, interests, and goals, and to discuss the services the consultant can provide.

  2. College research and selection: The consultant will help the student research and narrow down a list of colleges and universities that fit their needs and aspirations.

  3. Application review and editing: The consultant will review and edit the student's application materials, including essays, resumes, and test scores, to make sure they are polished and showcase the student's strengths.

  4. Interview preparation: The consultant will prepare the student for college interviews, if needed, by providing guidance on what to expect and practicing common interview questions.

  5. Financial aid counseling: The consultant will assist the student in understanding and applying for financial aid, scholarships, and grants.

  6. Decision support: The consultant will help the student understand their college acceptances, waitlist, and denial decisions, and assist them in making the final decision on where to attend.

  7. Enrollment support: The consultant will help the student navigate the enrollment process, such as housing, orientation, and registration.

Note that the process may vary depending on the consultant, some may offer additional services such as guidance on standardized testing, college essay writing, or assistance with transferring to another college.

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